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Alzheimer's Care Cincinnati

Alzheimer's disease is a brain disorder, a common type of popularly know dementia. It is a condition of memory loss. The most individual with this disease is mid-'60s ages, there is also signs of early-onset which begins between 30 years of age up to early 60s'. The memory problem is the number one early-stage sign which is difficult to distinguish because it is usual, people with this disease experience more remarkable and worst memory loss and other cognitive impairments in the long run. Alzheimer's Care Cincinnati conducts a free assessment to provide the patient's proper care plan considering how this disease affects an individual's life.

Stages of Alzheimer's Disease

There are three stages of these conditions: early or mild, moderate, and late or severe.

  • Early or mild stage. It is not easy to determine or diagnosed Alzheimer's because an individual may seem to be healthy. Problems may include memory loss, taking more time to do daily tasks, having difficulty answering questions, misplace thing now and then, increasing anxiety feelings, unusual mood and personality changes, and getting lost.
  • Moderate Stage. In this stage, supervision and more care are necessary. A person on this stage is alarming to leave alone. Symptoms are confusion, increased memory loss, difficulty in reading and writing, inability to speak, problem to cope with a situation, restlessness, impulsive behavior like angered, hallucinations, and worst is unable to recognize family friends.
  • Severe or late stage. It is the situation that a patient with this disease thoroughly cannot communicate and is dependent on others. They need then around-the-clock assistance and a care provider. Symptoms include the inability to communicate at all, episodes of seizure, gradual weight loss, sleeping most of the time, incontinence or loss of bowel and bladder control, and difficulty swallowing.

Taking care of a person with Alzheimer's is very challenging. It needs an exceptional level of skills, more time and effort, patience, and compassion. Alzheimer's Care Cincinnati established and thought of a way of taking care for efficient and effective. Professional and skilled caregivers from our team exert an extraordinary effort to render the excellent and effective services needed by the patient with the partnership to Cincinnati Alzheimer's home care and Cincinnati dementia home care. We will help you to care for your loved ones less stressful.

The most number that caused the death of a patient with this condition is aspiration pneumonia. It is the primary precaution that we should take care of; reliable caregivers from our team undergo training concerning this situation. They know more about what to do if they encounter this. We can help your loved ones, even with the late stage of Alzheimer's disease, to live safely and comfortably at home. Our team also rendered more support and assistance, provides enough time to help them in everything they do in their everyday living, which includes:

  • Personal care and hygiene. A caregiver helps the patient take a bath, brush their teeth, dress up, comb their hair, put lotions on, cut their toes and fingernails, and more.
  • Monitoring their situation includes checking the progress of the symptoms.
  • Companionship is the primary thing they need. In this situation, patients are unable to determine what can harm them. For safety and security, they need companions at all times.
  • Meal preparation is also a task and medication-taking.
  • Mobility and transfer assistance

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Alzheimer's Care Cincinnati's comprehensive plans address overcoming the challenges brought by battles against Alzheimer's disease. Fight and get a free assessment for your loved ones who are fighting. Visit us or contact our hotline number.