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Seniors Transportation in Cincinnati: Driving to Your Destination with Care and Safety.

Seniors Transportation in Cincinnati offers seniors the benefit of social transportation or group transportation, which gives them flexibility and mobility when they would contrary be confined to their homes. Individuals can also use our facilities as a vehicle for medical appointments.

Our transportation programs are for older people - 60 who do not drive and have no other means of getting around. The service is mainly available from 8 a.m; to 4 p.m; every day, five days a week. We can also provide weekend and evening service. Last year, we made more than 1,200 trips for medical appointments and 42,00 trips for medical meetings.

Our Transportation Buses are Well-Known.

Our community depends on an armada of small orange-and silver buses for transportation. The door-to-door passenger vehicles carry senior citizens to the senior centers, restaurants, and social outings. It is free of charge, yet it is a first come - first served basis for those aged 60 and over, regardless of income.

Private Transportation is Available to Anyone.

We use our vehicle to transport people to their doctor’s appointments, social functions, restaurants, and visits with friends and family, among other things. For such transportation, we appeal at least a 24-hour notice. Yet, we understand that emergencies occur, and we will do what we can do to cope with seniors who cannot give us more information. Individual transportation costs $65, yet we work hard to find support for those needs.

Our Drivers are Professionals and Well-Versed in the Local Area.

Seniors Transportation in Cincinnati hires drivers and received rigorous training, including mandated by state and federal legislation that addresses the older people’s needs and is incapacitated. Our drivers have also been thoroughly scrutinized, with criminal background checks included. They dress in uniforms; thus, they can be quickly recognized.

Slippery Road due to Snow, We Go for the Safetiness of Our Senior Passengers.

We understand the significance of our services. As a result, we make it a point to include as much of our assistance as possible. We are, after all, careful. Our decision to provide transportation is solely focused on the driver’s ability to safely operate our vehicles and our passengers’ ability to board securely. We do not typically halt our operation in providing transportation unless the government officials have declared a Level 3 emergency, ensuring that all roads are closed to everyone except emergency services.

Our dedication to seniors applies to natural disasters as well. The American Red Cross coordinates throughout the whole community emergency planning team, which we are a member of. Our armada has been used to transport seniors to temporary accommodation, such as hotels and temporary food sites, during natural disasters.

The following are some of the programs we provide for groups:

  • Daily visits to ten senior centers.
  • Weekly shopping trips, like food shopping.
  • Seniors Transportation in Cincinnati provides transportation to recreation centers.
  • Often, on weekends, special event transportation to popular community activities.

Many seniors equate driving their vehicle with the feeling of liberation and autonomy, similar to how we all felt when we first got our driver’s license. Older people’s driving abilities can dwindle as they age, such as low visibility at night due to weak eyesight, and reaction time becomes slower, more difficult to judge the difference between oncoming vehicles and to name a few.

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Seniors Transportation in Cincinnati provides comfort, safety, and convenience that connects to excellence, and we are not like the other elderly transportation OH. We take pride in giving you the service you deserve. Call us, and we would give you a personal program that fits you.